There are OA education programs for people with OA of the hip or knee. Understanding OA gives you the knowledge and tools to manage your symptoms. Education is offered in many formats, including in-person group programs, community-based programs, virtual platforms, and written materials.

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  • There are OA education programs for people with OA of the hip or knee​
  • Understanding your OA through education can improve your life​
  • Education will give you the information you need to understand your OA, or to understand a treatment before you start it​
    • Examples: how a pool exercise program is going to work, the GLA:D® education classes, or classes on how to cope with your OA.
  • The Good  Life with osteoArthritis: Denmark (GLA:D®) program is an education and exercise program that promotes independence in physical activity​
  • Education can be offered in many formats, including in-person group programs, community-based programs, virtual platforms, and written materials.

Education gives you the tools and knowledge you need to manage your osteoarthritis during your life-long osteoarthritis journey. Understanding your osteoarthritis through education can improve your quality of life. Choose new education options each time you revise your care plan:

Keeps your basic understanding of osteoarthritis fresh
Lets you know about new information as it’s available
Lets you meet others living with osteoarthritis
Lets you revisit your treatment options and self-management strategies, especially options to manage your symptoms, which include:
Hot or cold therapies
Choosing your activities

Types of osteoarthritis Education Classes

There are 2 types of education classes important for you:
  • An introduction to osteoarthritis
  • An introduction to nutrition and osteoarthritis
Education classes specific to understanding a treatment. For example:
  • Education about how a pool exercise program will affect your joints and how to adapt exercises for your needs
  • Good Life with osteoarthritis in Denmark (GLA:D™) education sessions
  • Classes that teach you ways to manage mental health issues like depression
In osteoarthritis education sessions you’ll learn about osteoarthritis and how your lifestyle, health behaviours, attitudes, and beliefs play a major role in improving your symptoms. The better you understand osteoarthritis, the better you’ll know how to track your symptoms and treatments.

The more you know about your osteoarthritis the more you’ll also be able to share in the decisions you make for your care plan as it changes over time. Be sure to ask your clinician or clinician team any questions you have about your osteoarthritis treatments and care plan.

Invite your support people to come to the education classes with you; family and friend support is an important part of helping you manage your osteoarthritis. Share written information so you can talk about the information together. Having people in your life who understand your disease and can remind you about what you’re learning will help you manage your osteoarthritis.

Finding or Designing OA Education Resources

You can receive education sessions by discussions, handouts, presentations, education sessions, or by Zoom.
The osteoarthritis Self-Management Education booklet introduces you to osteoarthritis education. You can also watch this video for an overview of osteoarthritis information. The Web Resources section of the booklet has information about osteoarthritis that anyone can access.

Look for programs where you live and for programs health organizations may offer. For instance, a recreation centre may have a class for people with osteoarthritis.